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About Us

Founded in 1998

Creativo Dance Studio in Miami is a dance academy with many excellent and well-rounded dance instructors, founded in 1998. Daysi Cepeda, CO, and director has been teaching for over thirty years, encouraging thousands of participants to develop a love and passion for the art of dance.

At Creativo Dance Studio our dancers receive the highest level of training in an exciting and fun atmosphere. Our classes teach dancers about culture, technique, history, and performing. The programs are designed for children ages 3 to adults. Our students learn to appreciate different music styles, dance vocabulary, and definitions of movements in Hip Hop, Ballet, Acro, Contemporary, Conditioning, Jazz Funk, Kinder Ballet and Gymnastic Classes for Kids.

Our Dance Classes are interesting and informative. In addition, participants get involved in the process of creating dance choreography and participate in wonderful creative performances.

Our goal is to provide students with a nourishing environment full of positive experiences. During the process of learning about dance, students develop confidence and self-esteem. Our mission is to educate students, parents, and the community. Dance is not only entertaining but is a tool of self-expression.

Our Dance school philosophy is to demand the best of each student whether he or she plans to become a professional dancer or not. A student with the proper training, talent, and desire will be encouraged to pursue a career in dance and continue their professional studies.

Opportunity for Growth

Our dancers received the highest level of training in a fun environment. The kids develop social skills, build confidence, and develop character through performing. Our goal is to provide a nourishing. We offer them diverse programming such as recreational, educational, and competitive.


Our highly qualified instructors and age-appropriate programs offer your young children the opportunity for growth and development. We offer a modern and open facility for parents to feel comfortable and have access to observe their children while learning.


Taking dance lessons means you’ll have to get used to the idea of dancing around other people, be it your dance instructor, your dance partner, or the other students attending the classes. This will help push you out of your comfort zone and teach you how to be more comfortable with your body.


As you boost your dancing skills, your confidence grows, and at some point when you’re feeling ready for it, you may start performing in front of the audience. Whether you have stage fright or feel shy and awkward in front of others, once you start performing in front of others, it will all go away and as time passes, you’ll be able to shake off your shyness and shine.

Our dance studios in Miami encourage commitment, dedication, and long-term growth. With commitment, children can achieve great results and performance goals. We offer opportunities for recreational programs and design for new dancers. These classes focus on teaching correct techniques with the opportunity for performance in a fun environment. Our convenient locations are in close proximity to Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Brickell, Downtown Miami, Midtown, West Miami, Key Biscayne, and the Central Miami area.

Why Choose one of our dance studios

  • Highly qualified dance instructors.

  • Small class sizes help students to improve their performance.

  • High scores in regional and national competitions.

  • Building confidence through performance experience.

  • Affordable and competitive pricing.

  • Preparation for Magnet programs.

  • Professional floating dance floor, which benefits students in injury prevention and reduces fatigue.

  • Our youth experience community interaction and growth through the I Want To Be A Dancer Foundation.

  • Children are required to be linked to the foundation to give back to the community.


Contact Us

Creativo Dance Studio
2329 Coral Way, Coral Gables, FL 33145


263 NW 82nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126

Tel: (305) 649-3018

Our Hours

Monday – Friday: 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Saturday: 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Sunday: Closed


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