Dance School in Miami
Creativo Dance Studio
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Dance School in Miami
Creativo Dance Studio
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Miami, FL 33126

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Creativo Dance Studio

One of the Best Dance Schools and Dance Instructors in Miami

Creativo Dance Studio, one of the Best Dance Schools in Miami, offers Professional and Fun Dance Classes for Children, Teens to Adults. Our Miami Dance School offers Ballet Classes, Hip Hop Dance Classes, Jazz Dance Classes, Contemporary Dance Classes, Belly Dance Classes, Acrobatics, Latin Dance Classes for all ages.

Creativo Dance Studios in Miami is a dance academy with many excellent and well-rounded dance instructors, founded on 2002. Daysi Cepeda, director and owner, have been teaching over thirty years, encouraging thousands of participants to develop the love and passion for the art of dance. At Creativo Dance Studio our dancers receive the highest level of training in an exciting and fun atmosphere.

Our classes teach dancers about culture, technique, history and performing. The programs are design for children ages 3 to adults. Our students learn to appreciate different music styles, dance vocabulary and definition of movements. Our Dance Classes are interesting and informative. In addition, participants get involved in the process of creating dance choreography and participate in wonderful creative performances.

Our goal is provide students a nourishing environment full of positive experience. During the process of learning about dance, students develop confidence and self-esteem. Our mission is to educate not only students, but also parents and the community. Dance is not only entertaining but is a tool of self-expression. Our Dance school philosophy is to demand the best of each student whether he or she plans to become a professional dancer or not. A student with the proper amount of training, talent and desire will be encouraged to pursue a career in dance and further continue their professional studies.

Creativo Dance Studios offers

Creativo Dance Studios offers:

  • Ballet Classes in Miami
  • Children Jazz/Hip Hop Classes in Miami
  • Flamenco Dance Classes for Children
  • Ballet Classes for 3 and 4 Years old
  • Kinder Ballet in Miami
  • Children Latin Dance in Miami
  • Acrobatics in Miami
  • Tap Dance Classes in Miami
  • Contemporary dance in Miami
  • Dance Camp in Miami
About Us

Daysi Cepeda is the owner and founder of Creativo Dance Studio. Daysi holds a Bachelor's Degree in Dance and Liberal Art Studies from Florida International University in addition to an Associate's Degree in Psychology from Miami-Dade College.

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